Our Story


we are one of those companies that started in our basement! Penny & Piper is a unique and stylish children's jewelry company that offers hypoallergenic & nickel free options at affordable prices.

The Penny & Piper Characters 

Penny & Piper are sisters that were creatively inspired from the relationship between our company owner and her sister. Penny is a girly girl. She is smart and loves to read, and she always has her book with her as well as her princess crown. Piper is an adventurer with a creative spirit and fearless ambition. She always has her compass, backpack and telescope. Penny and Piper wear their "sister bracelets" as a symbol of their friendship and love for each other. Penny wears the star and Piper wears the heart.


 Penny & Piper is about celebrating individuality, honoring our uniqueness and having a lot of fun along the way!